Tuamotu Archipelago


The Tuamotu Archipelago is series of islands located in French Polynesia. The largest chain of islands in the world is the Tuamotus. There are eight small islands in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Species-rich sandbanks are found in the underwater fauna in these islands. Fakarava is one of the beautiful islands of Tuamotu. Fakarava isle has a natural reserve that contains rare species of Birds and plants. The Fakarava Island is the dream island as it is the world’s best diving destination. Traditional open air bungalows in the island allow ocean breeze to ventilate the rooms. Manihi Island is famous for white sandy beaches. It is also called as an island of pearls. Snorkelling and water activities like fishing can be the best entertaining in the Manihi islands. The Tuamotu Archipelago is a perfect island to enjoy and experience a unique drift scuba diving. Rangiroa is another wonderful island with a huge natural aquarium. This is the largest island in the Tuamotu Archipelago. But the Rangiroa is the second largest island in the whole world. Lovely beaches and garden bungalows still highlight the importance of Rangiroa islands. Tikehau is the best island to enjoy the perfect lonely beaches. Pink sand beaches can be admired at the Tikehau islands. Daydream islands of many people in the world are perfectly found in the French Polynesia. Pearl farms are found in abundance in black pearl oysters. A pleasure of escape holiday can be adored in the island of Matavia. An attractive island with numerous snorkelling places and archaeological sites is the Tuamotu Archipelago. Some of the luxurious, as well as budget hotels and resorts in Tuamotu are Tikehau Ninamu Resort, Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa, Hotel Raira Lagon and Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort . Ahe is an enclosed coral island in a ring shape. Catamaran travel in Rangiroa islands could be the best entertainment in these islands. Fishing, kayaking, scuba and snorkelling are the extreme enjoyment activities in the islands of Tuamotu Archipelago. People of all ages can enjoy the visit to the islands. The marine fauna of Tuamotu has many exciting treasures. The island has tropical climate throughout the year. Newlyweds can extremely enjoy the tourist spots and luxurious resorts on the island. These islands are a perfect destination for children’s enthusiasm and a dreamy spot for all ages. Do not miss the snorkelling experience while reaching French Polynesia. There are many rich and convenient resorts all over the islands. Resorts with special activities like diving can be perfect at Rangiroa dive resorts.

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